Introducing The Pro Bet Builder

What’s a Bet Builder?

Unless you’re new to Betting on Football or you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years you will have heard of bet building in some form.

The first time I really became aware of it myself, was Skybet’s “Request-A-Bet” or “RAB” for short. Sky allowed you to combine Goals, with Corner lines and bookings within a single Football game, in all sorts of various combinations. Not only pre-built bets but you could also build your own depending on what you thought might happen. Genius, as now you felt like you had more control over the bet. You could have Both Teams To Score, Team Corners, Players to be booked etc.. the list was, and still is, big.

I suppose to a degree I was already doing it with Bet365 as well, although in this case it was usually just combining goal selections with corner selections in the same fixture, with occasional cards added to the mix.

Anyway, the Bet Builder craze has exploded with literally every bookie offering their own version of basically the same thing. Everyone will have their own preference, but here at Play The Percentage we reckon the best by far is #PriceItUp by BetVictor (No, we have no affiliation to them whatsoever). Apart from the fact you can build it in amazing detail, right down to a single corner for a team in whichever half you choose, you can combine up to 20 games in one go! That’s HUGE. Sky allow only two to be combined, and Bet365 only allow single games.

Back to the Pro Bet Builder…


How Does It Work?

If you’re a member already, you will have used our revolutionary #BettingEngine. It’s exactly the same format as that but with two important differences:

1. There are many more markets, 42 in fact. These are not only ‘Game’ specific, but now ‘Team’ Specific too: Goals, Corners, Cards, and which half the events usually occur statistically.

2. Stats have to be at 100% for it to trigger the Bet Builder

(the #BettingEngine threshold is set at 80% approximately, although it’s not as simple as this, as many lines have multiple things taken into consideration).

So, for “Home Team To Score 1+ Goal” to register on the Bet Builder (with Form set at 5) the Home Team would need to have scored a goal in all 5 of their last 5 Home Games. With Game specific bet lines, ie. “Over 0.5 Goals”, all of the last 5 games for both teams would have had to seen a goal in them. 


Why is this set so strictly?

We could have set the threshold a bit lower, but with 100% only stats, it allows anyone to pick anything flagged up in complete confidence. It’s happened 100% of the time, so while not a guarantee it will happen again, it’s got a good chance.

This also sets it apart from the #BettingEngine, as you can now effectively create a stricter version of that by filtering the exact markets you want. You decide how many of the 42 markets you want to use, and in whatever combination you choose too. This makes it hugely versatile. 


What Markets Are Included?


• Over 0.5 Goals

• Over 1.5 Goals

• Over 2.5 Goals

• Both Teams To Score

• First Half Goal

• Home Team to Score 1+

• Home Team to Score 2+

• Away Team to Score 1+

• Away Team to Score 2+


• Over 6 Corners

• Over 7 Corners

• Over 8 Corners

• 2+ First Half Corners

• 3+ First Half Corners

• 4+ First Half Corners

• 5+ First Half Corners

• 2+ Second Half Corners

• 3+ Second Half Corners

• 4+ Second Half Corners

• 5+ Second Half Corners

• 2+ Corners Each Half

• 3+ Corners Each Half

• 4+ Corners Each Half

• 2+ Corners Each Team

• 3+ Corners Each Team

• 4+ Corners Each Team

• 1+ First Half Home Corner

• 2+ First Half Home Corner

• 1+ Second Half Home Corner

• 2+ Second Half Home Corner

• 1+ First Half Away Corner

• 2+ First Half Away Corner

• 1+ Second Half Away Corner

• 2+ Second Half Away Corner


• 1+ Home Cards (10+ Booking Points)

• 2+ Home Cards (20+ Booking Points)

• 1+ Away Cards (10+ Booking Points)

• 2+ Away Cards (20+ Booking Points)

• 1+ Game Cards (10+ Booking Points)

• 2+ Game Cards (20+ Booking Points)

• 3+ Game Cards (30+ Booking Points)


Using the Pro Bet Builder – Example

Looking at the results shown below, with the form set at last 5 games, I’m going to concentrate on the fixture between Birmingham and Preston in the English Championship.

If I was looking at placing a Bet from this on the higher odds end, I’d be wanting to include the following lines from the results:

• Both Teams to Score

• Over 1.5 Corners in Each Half

• Over 1.5 Corners for Each Team

• Birmingham Over 0.5 Team Corners in Each Half

• Preston Over 0.5 Second Half Team Corners

• Preston Over 0.5 Team Cards

There’s nothing too crazy included in the list, especially as the previous 5 games indicate that Both Teams to score is very likely, with Birmingham having scored 2 in all 5 of the last home games, not keeping clean sheets and Preston managing a to score a goal in all 5 of their Away Games.

Of course you could tame it down into a Safer version, by either changing Both Teams To Score into  Over 1.5 Goals, or Birmingham to Score (Preston No Clean Sheet), Changing Preston Card into Game Card, and removing the Team Corners in specific halves.

The best part about this is the versatility to mix and match whatever you feel comfortable including.

Go Build Those Winning Bets!

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