About Us

Like you, we enjoy betting on football, but we found the whole research process time consuming and frustrating.

We could find stats sites, but information was spread out across the web, was often laid our poorly, and when researching on the move we struggled to use some of the websites efficiently.

My Betting Edge (our first version) was born from our need for a solution to the obstacles we encountered.

We set about creating our own databases from scratch for the leagues we were interested in following. Now this meant we could then create our own tables, ones that allowed us to see potential betting angles on games in seconds, compare teams head to head and find patterns in goals and corners.

The number of leagues we cover has expanded over time, we started out with about 50 leagues but now have over 140 spread across the world. Over 2100 individual teams are now in our database. Stats for each one available at your fingertips in an instant, all in one place.

Despite all this, we're not going to pretend we have stats that you can't find yourself with enough time and tenacity, but we can promise you that using our data will save you hours and hours of research time week after week. After all, time is precious these days.

You may even find new angles to take in leagues, or on certain teams that you didn't realise had value before.

After 18 months as My Betting Edge we have completely rebuilt our website from the ground up, now we are Play The Percentage.

Originally the data was presented in static images, now its a completely dynamic experience, head to head comparisons in an instant based on form. We have also made the Betting Engine into a fast and easy way for you to find bets on over 20 markets.

We have a roadmap built to grow the site and provide members with more features, we would love you to join us on the journey. Try us now for FREE.