A Brief Overview of Play The Percentage

League Stats

The League Stats menu gives you an instant overview of any of the Leagues we cover. You select the Region, the individual League and the Season you want to look at for a comprehensive current League Table. In addition to that, each Team gets its own Stat Table with both home and away figures based on 15 different stats (based on season to date).

A really great to tool for looking at teams strengths and weaknesses in a quick, easy to understand, colour coded format. This is also best used in conjunction with the Head To Head function for a more in-depth look.


Head to Head Tables 

This function allows you to go into any of our 140+ leagues and select 2 teams that may be playing in a forthcoming fixture for a highly detailed analysis in a mobile friendly table format.

After selecting the two teams, you decide how far back you want the form to go; Last 3, 5, 10, 15 Games or full season stats and within seconds you’ll have over 200 individual stats to run yours eyes over (less on some of the lower leagues where we don’t cover corner or card stats).

All stats are given as a percentage or number and are colour coded to allow you to find the best potential bet lines in an instant. Bookie specific markets allow you to seamlessly transfer this information into bets.

Stats Covered:

Various Goal Lines from Over 0.5 to Over 3.5, Both Teams to Score (BTTS), First Half, Second Half, Clean Sheet, Fail to Score and Team Goals, plus a load more.

Cards/Bookings data ranging from overall game booking points, team bookings and Bookmaker specific lines.

An absolute multitude of Corner Stats, giving you the most detailed overview on exactly how both the teams are performing corner wise – This table is a monster rammed full of killer stats (including unique SkyBet lines) giving you the best chance of finding those winning selections.


The #BettingEngine

No doubt about it, this is the Jewel in our Crown. A relentless bookie bashing machine developed by us at Play The Percentage. No one else can boast of having anything remotely close to this stroke of genius.

You select the day(s) you are interested in looking at for football matches (you can go up to 7 days in advance), once again decide how far back you want the engine to analyse game form and then choose from up to 25 individual Bet Markets (listed below):

Over 1.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals

Both Teams To Score

First Half Goal

Second Half Goal

Exactly 2 or 3 Goals

Over 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 Corners

Over 4.5 First Half Asian Corners

4+ / 5+ / 6+ First Half Corners

3+ / 4+ / 5+ Corners Each Half

3+ / 4+ / 5+ Corners Each Team

1+ Corner Each Team in Each Half

A Goal in Both Halves

Every fixture, every day (within one of the leagues we cover) is fed into the Engine’s strict formulae, processed and analysed, number crunched, before the best statistical potential bets are churned out in either a list (for one bet market) or a matrix when you select multiple markets. 

This Beast analyses a 1000+ games a week when leagues are in full swing giving you vast amounts of opportunities every week for making some cash.

Revolutionary, Lightning Fast, Accurate and suitable for everyone; from time strapped punters, the complete novice to the serious football bettor looking at smash the bookmakers in-play.


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