Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

What is Both Teams To Score?

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) is as simple as it sounds, the market is asking whether both teams will score in a game or not.

Unlike with total goals in a match, BTTS simply relies on each team scoring once, meaning there can be as many goals as you want in the game as long as neither team remains scoreless.

A 1-1 draw is just as good as a 4-3 game, but as long as neither team is shut out a BTTS bet will win. A standard BTTS bet will look something like pictured (below/above), with just a simple Yes/No option given for choosing whether to back or lay the BTTS bet.

Taken from Liverpool vs Arsenal betting markets 24/08/19

Why is it an effective betting market?

As mentioned earlier, both teams to score simply relies on neither team remaining goalless, and often a match can be more ideally placed to win given how matches can play out.

For example, a team leading 1-0 at the end of the game will draw everyone back to protect the win, and the only team really likely to score is the team losing, meaning a BTTS bet is a very good shout since the team winning often will try to hang onto that 1-0 lead, whereas an Over 2.5 Match Goal bet placed pre-game (often at the same or worse odds than a BTTS bet) would be dead in the water.

Furthermore, one slip up by either team can let a goal in, and particularly in lower leagues that can happen often, leading to underdog sides bagging at least one goal a match.

The betslip shown above came from a Liverpool vs Arsenal matchup, where it seemed likely that both teams would score in the game. In fact in the previous season each team had only failed to score in 5% of their games, making this bet seem very likely.

However what Play The Percentage stats should you be looking at the help back up a BTTS bet?

What stats should I look at?

Well obviously start with the two teams BTTS stats. A team with a high BTTS percentage will likely mean that the team not only scores a lot, but will often concede during a game as well, leading to a lot of possible BTTS opportunities.

To try and back up these a bit, you should also look at the “Failed to Score” and “Clean Sheet” statistics for each team. If a team has a low “Failed to Score” and “Clean Sheet” statistic, they’re prime candidates for a BTTS bet.

Using these stats in combination with the BTTS metric will allow you to make more informed bets.

Both Teams To Score Combo Bets

The BTTS market can often come with what are called “combination bets”, where the BTTS is paired with another bet to try and increase the odds.

The simplest of these is by reducing the timescale for the BTTS bet to land to just one half.

This picture shows the odds from the same Liverpool vs Arsenal game but with the BTTS bet limited to either the 1st half or the 2nd half.

The final bet asks if both teams will score in both halves, and there are 4 possible options. Playing with these markets can be potentially lucrative, but come with a lot of risks given you have shrunk the timeframe needed for both teams to score in to just a single half.

However, huge bets have been won with both teams to score in both halves. For example one lucky punter won over £37,000 by betting on 4 games with a BTTS in both halves. The risks are high but so can be the rewards.

There are other kinds of BTTS bets as well, and these often involve match goals or picking a team to win. The picture below shows the possible options.

These bets again can be quite high risk, but come with a lot of rewards because picking a winning team in a goalfest with BTTS can often add a lot to the total value of your bet.

Also, tying in match goals with a BTTS bet can add value, though this often doesn’t add much. Most people tend not to bet on a “No” result in a BTTS bet (so at least one team remaining goalless), so the Over 2.5 Match Goals & Yes for BTTS bet often does not have particularly good odds in comparison.

Here the increase is from 1.57 to 1.80, not worth it to some people. This is because for the BTTS part to land, the game has to be at minimum 1-1, so only a 3rd goal would be needed. Picking a result and BTTS is often easier and more reliable than taking the risk by adding a total amount of goals to the BTTS bet.

Should I use BTTS markets?

Yes, absolutely. They are a very exploitable market, particularly with the stats offered here at Play The Percentage.

Here we have a lot of stats that can really help you decide whether backing a BTTS bet is worth it, and combining it with our other stats on wins/loses and total match goals, there is certainly profit to be made.

Consider experimenting with different bets to start with, either on paper or with small stakes, and when you are comfortable with it you can up the stakes and begin to make some serious profit on the Both Teams To Score markets.




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